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CITIS FORMING PLANT Located in the industrial zone of Petite- Synthe/Noort Gracht (59640 Dunkerque, North of France), Citis Forming is covering more than four and a half acres (18696 m2). Forming and production of sulphur specialities started in 1985 with bagging units, bulk storage, both solid and in liquid form . Citis Forming operates in four building/warehouses, each of them separated from the others by at least 15 meters, so ensuring a high safety standards.

Site caracteristics :

  • Two flakers unit 50t/day capacity
  • Forming pastilation unit 120t/day capacity
  • Moulder 500kg/day capacity

-     Screening unit coupled with integrated sieves 50t/day capacity
-     Big-bags unit 120t/day capacity

  • 25kg bags unit 86t/day capacity with automatic wheighing
  • 2 liquid sulphur tanks 120 m3 capacity with integrated unloading arms
  • 2 mixers liquid/liquid or liquid/solid 1t/hour capacity
  • 1 melter 1.5 m3 capacity
  • Steamboiler 630 kg/hour capacity /10 bars
  • Instant steamboiler 500 kg/hour capacity/ 10 bars
  • Air pressure 20 KW – 7 bars
  • 3 aero-refrigarated towers 540 KW power
  • Electrical power station 20 KV/400V- 63 KVA power

The plant is ideally located along Bourbourg’s river canal to Dunkerque harbour (650t barge accessible),
¼ mile from A 16 Motorway (Spain-Channel-Gent-Duisburg) half mile from A 25 Motorway (Lille-Paris-Lyon-Marseille) and 1-hour drive from Lille/Rijssel airport.

-The most close residential area: 300 meters

- Sysmicity: “0” zone’s classification

- Environmental :

  • Water residue only resulting from boilers extraction – 850 m3/year
  • Water evaporation from aero-refrigarated towers – 900 m3/year
  • Gas consumption : 80t/year
  • Atmospheric C02 : 180 t/year
  • Intra-plant transport/handling : consumption: 2 000 liters fuel-oil/year
  • Thermic impact :  50 420 KJ per ton produced
  • Residue              : approx. 150 liters of oil per year
  • Used equipments : always back to suppliers, exception made of carbon/iron pieces to specialized registered company and empty bags,plastics, cardboards and similar to public roadmender service (approx. 2600 liters per year)